DDT 2013 - Movies

Theme: Movies

Numder of stones set up: 77.777 Dominoes

Record (most falldown): 45.841 Dominoes

% of toppled stones: 59%

Number of builders: 5

Days of Building: 7

Toppling Time: 9:55

Date of Falldown: 03-08-2013

DDT 2013 with the Theme Movies. We choosed 6 movies to represent in domino. 5 movies in various projects and 1 project which will become the BuildersChallenge. The movies are:

1 - James Bond 007

2 - The Matrix

3 - Harry Potter

4 - ToyStory

5 - AVATAR (from James Cameron)

6 - BC Lord of the Rings.


Each movie has his own fame and scenes to rcognize. We are making projects like the skyfall in james bond, the green codex of the matrix, the living Na'vi and nature in AVATAR and the moving toys in Toystory.

Every movie is made by its beauty, exciting and symbols.


In total we will set up 77.777 stones and there will be 10.000 stones in the BC. The BC will be this time not more difficult, but more challenging. In Lord of the Rings you see the EYE and the RING which are the 2 main subjects in the trioligy. The challenge is to make a circleling in shape of the ring on a piece of decor. So that isn't very difficult but you don't have much place to stand in the ring. And if you touch accidently the decor, it could topple the whole line and you have to start over again.